how to repair fence post set in concrete retaining wall

How to Install a Fence Mounted to Concrete (A Better Approach)

Using a rented core drill you can drill a hole through your concrete slab for each fence post. After drilling through your concrete you’d set the posts similarly to how you set posts in soil – pouring concrete around the bottom of the post and finishing the concrete flush with your existing slab. This video shows how a core drill works.【Get Price】

How to Fix a Fence Post That Is Leaning | HGTV

Assuming that your post was properly set in the beginning there’s likely going to be a large chunk of concrete around the base of your post. Your goal isn’t to uproot or to break off this prehistoric chunk of stone but simply to excavate around it about 18 inches around and down about two feet.【Get Price】

How to Repair a Retaining Wall - Bob Vila

Retaining Wall Repair Options. Whether a retaining wall is built of stone block concrete or wood it can begin to lean. When this occurs the homeowner has two choices: either demolish the wall 【Get Price】

The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix A Retaining Wall

But beyond that when the wall begins to fail it’s important to know how to fix a retaining wall and to address it quickly to avoid more severe damage. Fixing the Mortar In a brick and mortar retaining wall the bricks are secured together with a layer of mortar which looks like a light gray concrete.【Get Price】

How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Retaining Wall

A concrete retaining wall is built to resist the weight of the soil and the subsequent pressure that gravity sometimes places on the soil. These are common on properties that are positioned on small hills. The concrete retaining wall is built to keep the soil that makes up the hill in place defying gravity.【Get Price】

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Retaining wall repair can be anything from a simple fix to a complete overhaul of the wall. Retaining Wall Repair Process. Retaining wall repair is going to vary depending on the type of wall that is in place the location and the materials used. Retaining walls must support not just the weight of the wall itself but also the force of the soil 【Get Price】

How to Repair a Poured Concrete Wall: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Repair wall cracks. The only way to repair foundation wall cracks successfully is by the injection process. Injecting a typical wall crack with an epoxy or urethane resin is done under pressure pushing the material from the inside all the way to the outside. The injection process fills the crack from top to bottom from inside to outside.【Get Price】

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To fix the vertical cracks in your retaining wall the first step is to clean the cracks and ensure there’s no loose concrete in-between the opening. Step by step: Use a wire brush ( check on Amazon ) to brush both ends of the walls and then try a vacuum pump to suck out all debris in between the crack.【Get Price】

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Option 2: Take a 8ft fence post dig a post hole (2ft) next to retaining wall and butt the fence post against the retaining wall (meaning the post will be in contact with retaining wall up to 2ft) and pore concrete to fix the fence post next to wall. Here the problem is fence post once side in contact with the retaining wall and other sides in 【Get Price】