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Destiny Hero Exodia = Outdated build. I don't know about the recent Exodia Builds but IMO you should use a build using 5 Exodia PIeces 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3 Royal Magical【Get Price】

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SpongeBob can never be bored because everything he does he uses his imagination. He works at the Krusty Krab the home of the Krabby Patty and is a fry-cook legend. His favorite thing to【Get Price】

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I needed 3 weeks of modifying plus obtaining new cards. I had to take out nearly half of the cards I put in the deck originally but after years of hard work my Exodia deck is now in my【Get Price】

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March 26 2019. Dragon MFD is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG game where up to 4 players can play together in either local multiplayer or online multiplayer. Refreshing feel-good level【Get Price】

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Pegasus - Hoo boy. This one will be the hardest yet. There are little Toon support cards so gather your best card to fill up. You actually may try to hybrid it up with some other【Get Price】

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With this as long as you can have a creature with over 2000 attack and a quick solution to Envoy you should be able to beat his entire deck. You MIGHT need someone with piercing due to【Get Price】

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Take out Ryu-Ran x 2 Summoned Skull x 3 and BEWD x 3. Too riskey to play them cuz no attack during the turn they are summoned/ have to pay LP to attack/ and can only be summoned while【Get Price】

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Platform: Switch. June 6 2019. You and Dana the wizard of Lyrac must unlock Solomon's scroll of secrets to peace in the constellations. With Dana's magic fire and【Get Price】

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3 Thunder Dragon (+1 play gives graceful charity easy discard fodder and thins the deck by 2) 3 Pot of Greed 3 Graceful Charity 3 Upstart Goblin 3 One day of peace 3 Into the Void 3【Get Price】

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Cyber-Stein OTK - 3 Megamorph 3 Giant Trunade 3 Cyber-Stein 1 Heavy Storm 3 Reasonings etc. Dark Magician of Chaos OTK - Dark Magician of Chaos x1 3 Toon Table of Contents 1-3【Get Price】

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I made it based on my Exchange deck. let me know what you think! Monsters - 9 Cyber Jar Jowgen The Spiritualist x3 Morphing Jar Toon Cannon Soldier Thunder Dragon x3 Spells - 16 A Feather【Get Price】

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I've already said that Toon DMG fails because it's a semi-nomi. The "can't attack when summoned" downside is negated by Magical Dimension if activated on【Get Price】

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Alright. with tips from ShooBooBaloo I've renewed my Exchange deck. Here's what I've got so far: Monsters - 11 A Cat of ill Omen x3 Cyber Jar King of the Swamp x2 Morphing Jar【Get Price】

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everyone should post there main deck they use ill go first. My Chaos machines deck Monsters 1-4 (15) mechanicalchaser x3 cyber-stein x2 cyber jar x-head cannon x3 y-dragon head x3 z-metal【Get Price】

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If you play this deck for other purposes than just having an all spell deck then change :-1 prohibition-1 Upstart Goblin-2 Shield Crush-2 Fissure-3 Toon Table-3 Smashing Ground +1【Get Price】

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User Info: jascla92. jascla92 1 year ago #3. Do remember that in the TCG and OCG Blue Eyes is trash tier so if they got all the support in Duel Links that they got in the TCG it would【Get Price】

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okay i also new to a toon deck but lets exchange ideas anyway. i only put in sangan and cyber jar in my deck every other monsters are toon monsters. i can see u put in jinzo to avoid【Get Price】

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Continuous version of Makyura) 1 Confiscation 3 Dimension Fusion (One of the key cards) 3 Giant Trunade 1 Heavy Storm 1 Magical Stone Excavation 1 Monster Reincarnation (Send DMoC into【Get Price】