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Home networking explained part 3: Taking control of your

For most homes an eight-port patch panel such as the $16 Steren FastHome Data Hub fits the bill. Note that a patch panel is more of a convenience than a necessity.【Get Price】

Flickering lights? Check these common culprits - CNET

Overloaded circuits can put your home's electrical system at risk. Large appliances and HVAC units can cause lights to flicker when they power on because they are drawing a large【Get Price】

Green energy upgrades for your home - CBS News

Green energy upgrades for your home. If you've been working from home or your children are remote schooling you may have noticed your electricity bill climbing up. But technology【Get Price】

T-Mobile's $60 Home Internet service: The Cheapskate

Earlier this year I started testing T-Mobile Home Internet. At the time it was part of a pilot program that hadn't fully rolled out yet and it was priced at $50 a month. Now it's【Get Price】

Live off the grid in this tiny portable egg-shaped house

May 27 2015 3:03 p.m. PT. 2. Happy Wednesday! Check out the Ecocapsule on our show today; it's a tiny portable home you can travel around the world in with off-the-grid capabilities【Get Price】

Three simple fixes for the most common insulation - CNET

Three simple fixes for the most common insulation problems. Put an end to those pesky drafts and cold spots throughout the house without breaking the bank. No one likes a drafty house that【Get Price】

T-Mobile's Un-carrier Next: Everything you need to know - CNET

T-Mobile's Home Internet play has been in the works for years. The company has talked about using 4G LTE and 5G to provide a home broadband alternative for a while and on Wednesday【Get Price】

Google Home: Try these other mobile apps to unleash its

Google Home: Try these other mobile apps to unleash its full power. The Google Home app is a great starting point but if you want to get the most out of your smart speakers you'll【Get Price】

Best portable generators for 2021 - CNET

For instance in my home I would need to power a 864-watt dishwasher 1440-watt refrigerator and 3600-watt oven. That means my generator must produce at least 5904 running watts.【Get Price】

From 1950-1990: 10 home design trends that endure - CBS News

Both homes above feature glass block walk-in showers. The Medina Ohio home on the left was built in 1988. It incorporates glass block into the facade of the house as well as a few【Get Price】

Google Home: You won't regret changing these 5 settings on

Google Home: You won't regret changing these 5 settings on your smart speaker. Enable notifications to monitor your privacy and security make speakerphone calls with your primary【Get Price】

Number of Americans using solar power expected to more

Solar panel installations are on the rise 02:02. More Americans are tapping into the power of the sun to provide electricity for their homes as the cost to go solar continues to drop.【Get Price】

The evolution of telephones - CBS News

The Western Electric folding cabinet was used in hotels telephone booths and private homes. An employee of Softbank mobile phone shop displays Apple's new iPhone 6 (R) and iPhone【Get Price】