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Why recycling economics are in the trash bin - CBS News

The Wall Street Journal reported that new PET now costs about 63 cents a pound 7 cents less than the recycled variety. Other types of flexible or colored plastics aren't being【Get Price】

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China's 'Great Wall' Grows. The Great Wall of China just got a little bit greater. A new 50-mile section of China's iconic structure has been discovered in northwestern【Get Price】

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Apple is working toward making an entire product line from recycled materials which leaves it less exposed to fluctuating materials prices and escalating trade wars. Chip maker Intel is【Get Price】

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April 26 2013 / 2:06 PM / CBS News. NEW YORK Justin Ramirez is a recycler. The 23-year-old New Yorker says he goes through the extra effort of sorting his trash to decrease the amount of【Get Price】

Is the fast fashion industry ready to change its wasteful

Swedish retailer H&M which has collected 18000 tons of used clothes at its stores since 2013 began this year to incorporate recycled cotton from the clothes it collects back into a【Get Price】