50s flooring photos

Secret Cold War tests in St. Louis cause worry - CBS News

Secret Cold War tests in St. Louis cause worry. ST. LOUIS Doris Spates was a baby when her father died inexplicably in 1955. She has watched four siblings die of cancer and she survived【Get Price】

Wreckage of USS Indianapolis found - CBS News

Wreckage of USS Indianapolis found. A ship's bell is visible amid the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis. More than 70 years after the heavy cruiser was sunk with the greatest loss of【Get Price】

How to photograph cars like a pro - CNET

Just avoid taking photos in a car park -- those painted white lines on the ground don't add much to a dramatic photo! Get your angles right. If you're shooting your own car on【Get Price】

Amazing face transplants (GRAPHIC IMAGES) - CBS News

The nation's first full face transplant patient Dallas Wiens poses for a photo after a news conference in Chicago on Dec. 4 2013. Despite still visible facial scars from the March【Get Price】

Venice flooding in Italy is the worst in 50 years and the

A massive infrastructure project is underway near Venice in order to keep out the Adriatic. "This is the result of climate change" Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said bluntly on【Get Price】

What age is considered "old" nowadays? - CBS News

"Old" for women today is about 73 which increased from the late 50s in the 1920s. And "very old" today is about 80 an increase from about 67 in the 1920s. But these【Get Price】

Tap dancers: Putting their best foot forward - CBS News

The Irish step dancer generally danced on a wooden floor sometimes with special shoes sometimes not." 50 Photos. Notable Deaths in 2021. 55 Photos. Loved ones lost to COVID-19.【Get Price】

1994-2009 Mazda B-Series: The Ford Ranger doubles as a

1994-2009 Mazda B-Series: The Ford Ranger doubles as a Mazda. If you thought the Mazda B-Series trucks looked an awful lot like the Ford Ranger from 1994 to 2009 you were right. Jon Wong.【Get Price】

10 homes you can buy for $5000 - CBS News

Photo courtesy of Zillow This studio condo in Laguna Hills California -- about 50 miles south of Los Angeles -- is for sale for $5000. It was last sold in October 2009 for $23642【Get Price】

Buying a historic home? 6 owners share the pros and cons

Photo courtesy of Amy and Doug Heavilin "There were windows about a foot above the floor and when we wanted to move those windows so we could put cabinets in there was a little【Get Price】