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Inside the Border Patrol facility in McAllen Texas

Tour of Border Patrol processing center 05:01. McALLEN Texas --Inside an old warehouse in South Texas hundreds of children wait in a series of cages created by metal fencing.One cage had【Get Price】

Privacy fences: Everything you need to know before

A privacy fence can serve many purposes. It can tie the aesthetic of your yard together bringing consistency and shape to an amorphous space. It can also prevent kids and pets from【Get Price】

How to tame household privacy threats from toys TVs and

Internet-connected toys 03:57. Shining a light on the privacy threat of Internet-connected toys the Federal Trade Commission has started to crack down on companies that fail to protect【Get Price】

Creepy gifts: Toys that spy on kids and coffee makers that

Creepy gifts: Toys that spy on kids and coffee makers that track your habits. By Kate Gibson November 20 2020 / 6:57 AM / MoneyWatch【Get Price】

The best outdoor games to play with your family - CNET

This outdoor activity is best for families with older kids in part because it takes some coordination to fling accurately which might be hard for a younger kid and in part because Kan【Get Price】

Hungary builds fence to keep migrants out of EU - CBS News

More than 100000 migrants have reached Hungary on routes across the Balkans so far in 2015. Recently some 80 percent of them are from war zones like Syria Iraq and Afghanistan.【Get Price】

Health hazards lurking in the sandbox - CBS News

The roundworm is found in most places that raccoons roam which tend to be the same outdoor places where children play. A 2009 study found that more than 50 percent of backyards surveyed【Get Price】

Sphero Mini could be the greatest $50 cat toy of all time

Before Sphero branched out into making Star Wars toys and anthropomorphic cars it was known for its rolling robot balls.. The company's best-known product the original 2011 Sphero【Get Price】

Trump border wall: What it really looks like - CBS News

This new 15-foot-high border fence "floats" on top of the sand moving and shifting in the wind without losing any height. Remain 10 feet away Getty【Get Price】

Diversity sweeps into the toy aisle - CBS News

“Kids need to see themselves in the toys and objects they interact with.” For building toys the company GoldiBlox founded in 2012 was among the first to disrupt the pink aisle by【Get Price】

Video shows alleged smugglers dropping 2 children over 14

Video shows alleged smugglers dropping 2 children over 14-foot border fence into U.S. By Christopher Brito April 2 2021 / 6:50 AM / CBS News【Get Price】

Disney's new cruise ship: Everything we now know about

Disney has unveiled new details about its upcoming fifth cruise liner Disney Wish which will house the first ever Disney attraction at sea. The AquaMouse ride will be joined onboard by【Get Price】

Subsidies for minivans: Hungarian government paying

Subsidies for minivans: Hungarian government paying citizens to start families but only the "right" kinds of families. A program in Hungary is offering cash to couples for【Get Price】

1 officer killed 1 injured in car ramming attack at

1 officer killed 1 injured in car ramming attack at street barricade outside U.S. Capitol. By Grace Segers Updated on: April 3 2021 / 12:00 AM / CBS News【Get Price】

The toy to get when you want to horrify children - CNET

The toy to get when you want to horrify children. If you ever thought you were going to design the creepiest toy ever give up. Karten Design has beaten you to it.【Get Price】

Mom and daughter host viral toy review series on YouTube

This year many kids aren't looking to elves for gift inspiration; they're going online where other children are influencing toy sales and Christmas lists【Get Price】

Study finds toxins in school supplies - CBS News

Center for Health Environment & Justice The Smart Fit Kids Multi Rainboot contained an estimated 3450 ppm of DEHP. If this product were a children's toy it would be over 3 times【Get Price】

Best tech toys 2020 - CNET

Wowing a kid takes work -- especially when it comes to gift giving. Add in the fact that today's 10-year-olds have especially discerning tastes and high expectations around what makes【Get Price】

10 dangerous toys and recreation hazards for kids to avoid

To help parents and caregivers avoid the ER fate or worse the consumer advocacy group W.A.T.C.H. -- World Against Toys Causing Harm -- has come out with its list of the top 10 summer【Get Price】

Autism: 9 Warning Signs Every Parent Should Know - CBS News

Lining Up Toys istockphoto Kids with autism often find strange things to do with their toys. The might spin flick or line them up - and they tend to keep doing it without any apparent【Get Price】