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If a building is damaged by fire there is a good chance it will burst into flames. A building sustains flame damage for as long as the fires are burning. The repair tool can be used to【Get Price】

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Guide and Walkthrough

You'll find a narrow path next to a rickety building. Next to this same building by the wall is Tom's cache for which we have the key. Take the path up and you'll arrive at an【Get Price】

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Remember that OAC on the top of the building back in the past Hammerhead well it's there again so use the small platforms to jump over the fence then work your way to the N side of【Get Price】

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Get the ammo to your right and turn around advancing forward. Once in the open take cover and wait for the explosion to clear out. Take down the sniper in the window ahead and clear the【Get Price】

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Do not build the fence it will not look good with the rest of the house. There are various styles to choose from including top scallops flat tops different types of precautions and more.【Get Price】