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Hope this is the right place and that kitchen cabinets count as cookware. I have plain cheap white metal kitchen cabinets installed in 1970. I need to replace one but can't for the【Get Price】

Is a limestone countertop really a disaster in the kitchen

He is not into the dark horizontal countertop look (lives in the suburbs)/white vertical cabinet backsplash look. For a city townhouse or loft this look is nice but not in the burbs. In【Get Price】

Samsung AirDresser is a $1400 dry-cleaning closet for

Samsung AirDresser is a $1400 dry-cleaning closet for rich people. Samsung's latest laundry tech puts a smart steamer in your closet to effortlessly straighten your clothes.【Get Price】

Are affordable audiophile speakers still made in the US

Next up hailing from White Bear Lake Minnesota the $650-a-pair Magnepan MMGi speakers. These high-tech 1.25-inch thick flat panel speakers shouldn't be placed close to a wall.【Get Price】