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11 Pitch Deck Examples from Incredibly Successful Companies

The LinkedIn pitch deck is among the lengthiest pitch decks around and was created for the purpose of obtaining seed funding. Back in 2004 the internet wasn't quite as widespread as it is today which meant that LinkedIn had to predict how the internet would grow in the coming years.【Get Price】

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Pitch decks are one of the most pivotal and valuable documents in history. Perhaps far more so than the invention of the business card. Looking at the impact of notable funded startups they are perhaps more powerful than some 100-year-old businesses Super Bowl ads entire national economies and the founding constitutions or legal systems of 【Get Price】

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The pitch deck shows that if you understand the potential of your product and can portray that efficiently then the pitch will always be successful. Square The company is fulfilling the dream of bringing merchant services and mobile payment services into an easy to use single service.【Get Price】

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The Airbnb pitch deck is a legend among presentation designers. It’s one of the most perfectly designed pitch decks ever made. And it’s the pitch deck that made Airbnb into the $385-billion startup that it is today. Why It Worked. Airbnb pitch deck proves that the key to winning is to keep things short. In fact this pitch deck had only 10 【Get Price】

30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks and What You Can Learn From Them

Favorite takeaway: Most startups are founded because of a problem they faced but not many people tell their story well through their pitch decks. Dwolla shared a great story of how the founder paid $50000 a year in credit card fees and then created a solution for never doing it again.【Get Price】

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First pitchdeck: Crew pitch deck series-a from Alexander Jarvis To dispel any confusion Ooomf rebranded to become Crew back in 2014. This pitch deck was delivered after the rebrand in 2015 and allowed the company to secure a massive new investment into its growth.【Get Price】

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Hey Product Hunt 👋 Pitch Deck Database is a categorized collection of 700+ pitch decks from the world's best startups. While we were working on helping startup founders find relevant investors for their projects we often receive lots of questions and requests for providing advice on interacting with investors.【Get Price】

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150+ Pitch Deck Examples From the Most Successful Startups. We have created a collection of 150+ pitch decks from industry-leading startups all around the world.【Get Price】

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Key Takeaway: Simple and uncluttered design can do wonders for the success of your pitch deck presentation. 5 Best Pitch Deck Templates From Envato Elements - (For 2020) To save time while creating your pitch deck and make sure it's got a standout design start with a professionally designed template.【Get Price】

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What we love most about BuzzFeed’s pitch deck is the way they used screenshots of the platform throughout the deck. Not only were the designs used to describe what the solution was but they were also used to display other information such as the revenue model.【Get Price】