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Don’t go to war without one-once they are available. Slag: New in Borderlands 2 is the “slag” element. They become available at level 15 and its damage effect is much like a conventional【Get Price】

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Slip - An enemy slipping on the floor will end up in a prone state. Shock - A shocked enemy will basically be stunned for a short while. Phoenix Spirit costs a trifling 30000 yen and【Get Price】

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The ship is powered by a bunch of Chocobos running on tread wheels! In the room on the floor you'll find a copy of [Al Bhed Primer III]. Grab it and head back upstairs to where【Get Price】

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Indoors only. Fast movement speed. o Dock (Wooden) [$40/sq] (added in "The Rock" update / PC 'Island Bound' DLC) This is made of wood slats and is intended for boardwalks【Get Price】

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A few facts before beginning: • Campaigns have their own specific decklists • As the campaign proceeds the planeswalker's deck grows (40 cards to 60) • Planeswalker decks cannot be【Get Price】

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A cliff boardwalk on the eastern half of the isle exists though it's semi-ruined. The shed contains an existing power armor station and a weapons bench. RESOURCES: The wooded island【Get Price】

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If the Affinity bar is full you cannot summon more Espers. Controlling higher-ranked Espers costs more Affinity. This is an Esper's summoning cost. Balance the strength and cost of【Get Price】

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The lad knew how to find business. Scotti wondered idly what the fellow would do with the contracts for the new statue of St Alessia for which the Temple of the One had applied. Probably【Get Price】

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UPDATE HISTORY: Version 2.12 (7-2-2010) More script polishing updated the FAQ section changed the spelling of Karegia to Callegea (see FAQs for details) Version 2.11 (1-8-2010) Updated【Get Price】