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A paint roller on a long handle for spreading stain or sealant. Look for a 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch nap. Paint brushes made to apply the stain you've chosen. Plastic tarps to protect nearby plants from overspray. Tape to mask areas that you don't want to stain. Sandpaper to smooth rough surfaces. Protective gear such as gloves and eye protection.【Get Price】

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This deck coating protects the wood from all kinds of harm most notably heavy rains harsh weather UV rays from the Sun and even molds; this means this your one-time efforts will result in extremely heavy protection for all outdoor and indoor wood items such as decks fences benches and furniture.【Get Price】

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That’s why our polyurethane deck coating is designed to be 10 times stronger than traditional deck coatings. Our Polyurethane Deck Coating delivers a hard waterproof surface to keep your property in pristine condition and provides a fiercely durable protective layer to keep your property performing at the highest level.【Get Price】

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KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating is a solid-color deck coating that contains non-slip textured grit. Made with an acrylic resin formula that’s also good for weathered wood this textured coating is recommended for slip protection on decks porches boat docks railings and pool decks.【Get Price】

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Without a protective coating exposure to extreme heat and cold can have a detrimental effect on the surface of your deck. And while both sealing and staining serve the purpose of preserving and protecting your deck sealing in particular offers some very specific benefits.【Get Price】

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Clumps of grass and leaves on the bottom of a mower are a fire hazard. A graphite undercoating is the best way to protect a lawn mower deck and it is easy to apply to extend the deck's life almost indefinitely. Graphite forms a hard slippery coating to inhibit corrosion and rust on metal surfaces.【Get Price】

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Paint be it latex or oil-based can protect against both UV and moisture damage but the best deck paint generally doesn’t hold up as long sealant or stain. Also if there’s any lingering 【Get Price】

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How To Apply Deck Flex’s Elastomeric Roof Coating. How to Apply Deck Flex’s T2424 Elastomeric Roof Coating using this product will help protect existing or new roof surfaces like mobile home roofs flat roofs and other surfaces and the bright white reflective color measurably reduces energy costs.【Get Price】