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This tiny but powerful high-resolution portable music

The all-metal player is deliciously compact just 3.2 x 0.6 x 2.2 inches (77 x 15 x 53mm) which makes it one of the smallest high-res music players you can buy.【Get Price】

Klipsch G-42 a sound bar speaker with 'horns' - CNET

The 12-pound speaker can be wall-mounted or set on a cabinet with the included table top stand. The rear panel houses all-metal connectors for the speaker's left center and right【Get Price】

Best pressure washers for 2021 - CNET

I staged a small wall with some basic (read: cheap) vinyl siding. I was excited for the carnage to come but it never did. I tried to damage that siding -- 4200 psi with a red tip at【Get Price】

How a $50 gadget is saving $840 a year on my - CNET

How a $50 gadget is saving $840 a year on my electricity bill. Instead of guessing which appliance is draining your wallet each month this device makes it easy to figure out where your【Get Price】

Here comes the sun! "Sunday Morning" sun art - CBS News

Bobbi Forrester For 20 years "Sunday Morning" associate director Jessica Frank has been handpicking every shining example of sun artwork to appear on our program – about 9000【Get Price】

Klipsch Forte III speakers are masters of reality - CNET

Impedance is rated at 8 ohms and the rear panel hosts metal bi-wire connectors. The Forte III stands 36 inches tall 16.5 inches wide 13 inches deep (914 by 420 by 330mm) and it weighs【Get Price】

Inside the luxury nuclear bunker protecting the mega-rich

In a decorating touch straight out of Back to the Future II TV panels built into the walls of each condo act as high-tech "windows" to show residents the real world.【Get Price】

Archaeology Heist Revealed In Alabama - CBS News

CDC panel recommends COVID vaccine for kids 12 and up 23 years ago when University of Michigan students researching the collection found boxes of artifacts lined up by a wall waiting【Get Price】

2018 BMW i3s with Range Extender review: Exotic little EV

The Giga World is the sweet spot in the lineup with the best mix of real Eucalyptus wood veneer fabric and leather metal accents and panels composed of renewable and sustainable plant【Get Price】

How to fix 5 common garage door dilemmas - CNET

A dead wall switch might seem like the end of the road for your opener but it's likely a solvable power issue. Because the wall switch is wired directly into the opener there【Get Price】