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Raised Deck With Pergola -

Raised Deck & Pergola. 25 days for three Seven Trust to build it. Alternately you may also visit our Real Cedar 3D Warehouse profile by clicking on the Sketchup icon or view our YouTube video by clicking on the YouTube icon. 18 posts related to Pergola On Raised Deck. The first thing you’ll need to do is determine the placement of the pergola.【Get Price】

Raised Deck With Pergola -

Pergolas add privacy to your deck design. A decorative outdoor structure such as a trellis or pergola can provide the focal point for that special backyard retreat. 18 posts related to Pergola On Raised Deck. Pergolas are used to define a garden patio or walkway.【Get Price】

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The issue with a pergola on a deck is not the connection to the deck - if done properly. It is with the deck just sitting on concrete blocks with no connection means to the concrete or the ground whatsoever. This brings me to the pros and cons of the concrete blocks. They are very cheap. $10 each or so. This appeals to many people understandably.【Get Price】

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Raised decks are common because most houses sit on foundation walls that position the main-level floor several feet above grade. Raised decks require railing systems for safety and stairs to make the deck accessible to the yard. Raised decks have foundation posts that are exposed to view when the structure is complete.【Get Price】

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I don’t want to attach the pergola to the house though. My idea for the pergola is this: Place 4x4x10’ posts at the same locations as the deck posts. These would pass thru the deck floor and rest on the beams below. For the 4 posts that are at the outer edges of the deck (A B D E) lag-bolt the new posts to the adjacent joists.【Get Price】

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Mounting Pergolas to Deck Surfaces. A properly constructed deck provides ample strength to anchor a pergola. However there are a few points to make to ensure you get the most strength you can with a little more effort. Any pergola post can be anchored to a wood surface with 90 degree strap brackets.【Get Price】