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Owen’s a Win – Black Devotion: Still the Best Deck By Owen Turtenwald / June 22 2014 October 11 2019 Mono-Black Devotion is still the king of Standard and Owen took it to the Top 8 of the latest SCG Open!【Get Price】

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All links are to Scryfall the best deck-builder and MTG search engine in the universe. Remember that you can view the deck in “visual” and use Snipping Tool for easy (ish) image sharing! Gerry’s Decklists. Mono-Black Devotion. Mono-Blue Devotion / Nyx Lotus. Mono-White Devotion. Mono-White Lifegain. Rakdos Ox. Drowned Phoenix. Simic Ramp【Get Price】

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Budget Black Devotion. Budget Cycling. Budget Temur Flash. Budget Dimir Reanimator. More decks Sample hand. Format: 24/08/2020. Id of the deck:【Get Price】

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60 Cards back to Standard Decks Black Devotion 24 Lands 4 Castle Locthwain 20 Swamp 26 Creatures 4 Knight of the Ebon Legion 2 Tymaret Chosen from Death 4 Yarok's Fenlurker 4 Murderous Rider 2 Dread Presence 2 Erebos Bleak-Hearted 2 Rankle Master of Pranks 4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel 2 Massacre Girl 4 Instants 4 Drag to the Underworld 4 Sorceries 4 Agonizing Remorse 2 Planeswalkers 2【Get Price】

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1/27/2020 Crackling Kroxa: prmTGDev: 1/23/2020 Grixis Kroxa: prmTGDev: 1/23/2020 Budget Mono Blue Lotus Combo: prmTGDev: 1/22/2020 Mono Blue Lotus Combo: prmTGDev: 1/22/2020 Mono Black Devotion Enchantments: prmTGDev: 1/18/2020 Smitten Gary【Get Price】


Today we are diving back into Core Set 2021! This time bringing by far the BEST lifegain deck I've played so far in Core Set 2021! Featuring Vito Grey Merch...【Get Price】

Mono Black Devotion by Gerry Thompson - Theros Beyond Death

Mono Black Devotion by Gerry Thompson – Theros Beyond Death Standard Theorycraft by Terence · Published January 14 2020 · Updated April 22 2020【Get Price】

Monoblack Devotion in Standard and Beyond | Cardmarket Insight

As someone who used to play Gray Merchant of Asphodel in Modern in early 2019 I have to say that people keep underestimating Monoblack Devotion decks. What looks like a messy pile of black cards is actually a decent mix of card draw removal and creatures. With a bit of luck the deck can do well at tournaments.【Get Price】

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60 Cards back to Standard Decks Mono Black Devotion 25 Lands 4 Castle Locthwain 19 Swamp 2 Witch's Cottage 30 Creatures 4 Gutterbones 2 Order of Midnight 3 Tymaret Chosen from Death 4 Yarok's Fenlurker 3 Ayara First of Locthwain 4 Murderous Rider 2 Erebos Bleak-Hearted 4 Nightmare Shepherd 4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel 1 Artifacts 1 Bolas's Citadel 3 Instants 3 Drag to the Underworld 1【Get Price】

Mono Black Control - 2020 (Pauper MTG Deck)

Not much to say this is my version of classic mono-black. Only significative change is Dusk Legion Zealot instead of Phyrexian Rager and an extra Night's Whisper as this deck in 2020 can compete in today's meta by having really fast card advantage.【Get Price】

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Mono-Black Devotion Ross Merriam 0th Place at Test deck on 06-12-2020 Sultai Tutelage Kyle West 0th Place at Test deck on 06-12-2020 . Standard . Creatures (25)【Get Price】

Historic Deck Techs: Mono Black Devotion - Master of Magics

Historic Deck Techs: Mono Black Devotion August 18 2020 James "The Owl" Wise Historic Magic: The Gathering Articles Today we continue our look into our series of mono coloured decks for the Historic format to give you something to try out while the world is still lockdown.【Get Price】

[Standard] Mono Black Devotion in the upcoming "Theros

Overall I think mono black devotion needs to be an aggro deck that has reach via Gary. The deck will already be very good versus aggro and Ayara Shepherd Gary has the potential to end the game versus midrange before they get going.【Get Price】

Mono Black Devotion : PioneerMTG - reddit

Mono Black Devotion deck for pioneer. Cards im 99% convinced are going to be in the deck: 4 Pack Rat - Can take over games turning dead cards into rats great with underworld connections. 4 Murderous Rider - Hero's downfall while providing devotion later in the game. 4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel - Big pay off for playing devotion. 1-4 (Main deck depending on meta) Fatal Push - Great card harder【Get Price】

MTG Arena: 10 Best New Decks From Theros Beyond Death | TheGamer

10 Mono-Black Devotion Mono-black devotion is a classic deck from the original Theros sets and it makes a comeback in Theros Beyond Death . This is in large part due to the card Gray Merchant of Asphodel which can be a powerful life drainer if set up properly.【Get Price】

Daily Dose of Theros Beyond Death #7 – Devotion in Standard

Before I talk about a devotion card coming in Theros Beyond Death let’s have a look at the best cards available right now for a devotion deck using black in Standard. Ayara First of Locthwain – A three-mana three-devotion creature that keeps draining the life out of your opponent while providing you some card advantage as well.【Get Price】

The Return of Mono-Black Devotion | Article by Jim Davis

The old Mono-Black Devotion deck he featured in was one of the best decks of the original Theros Standard format but was a bit more of midrange deck than a deck based around permanents. The best two spells in the deck were Thoughtseize and Hero's Downfall which both don't add to devotion and Pack Rat was the primary threat that also wasn't【Get Price】

Devotion Decks for Standard - Card Kingdom Blog

Felix Sloo also known as “xfile” is a Magic Online grinder known for his innovative deck-building. Though he tends to play popular decks like Simic Urza Hogaak and Sultai Food he earned his first Grand Prix Top 8 at MagicFest Portland 2019 where he was the only player in the tournament to register Leyline Prowler.【Get Price】

Underworld Abyss Black Devotion Deck

Underworld Abyss Black Devotion by JrodR87 Report Deck Name 21 Rare 29 Uncommon 4 Common User Submitted Deck Format: Standard Date: Aug 24 2020 Online;【Get Price】

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Decks; Standard; Mono black Devotion; Mono black Devotion. By Bolas4SupremeLeader Created Jan 18 2020 Updated Feb 29 2020. Standard Tempo +1. Buy Now! Avg Price $47【Get Price】

Mono Black Devotion by SilphCoLapras - - Decks

A mono-black devotion deck around getting out aerialist and ayara then going off with Asphodel. Works pretty well so far on Arena but still needs tweaking and a sideboard.【Get Price】

Mono Black Devotion with Umori - BlackLotusGo

Mono Black Devotion with Umori. April 20 2020 Standard (w/ Ikoria) 0. Umori the Collector plus some of the other new tools from Ikoria push Mono Black Devotion in Standard to an entirely new level. Umori Mono Black Devotion Decklist (Standard)【Get Price】

The Return of Mono-Black Devotion - Top Level Podcast

Starting with Mono-Black Devotion. There are a ton of great new decks (and new looks at old decks) thanks to Theros Beyond Death entering Standard…. But both Patrick and Michael think Mono-Black Devotion will be one of the most important breakout strategies.【Get Price】

Mono Black Devotion | M21 Rotation Proof Deck Guide [MTG

Shop via TCGplayer to support the channel 👉 Gray Merchant and Vito are the key cards in today's patron deck wrecking as we try kil...【Get Price】

MTG Deck: Mono Black Devotion (Theros Beyond Death Standard)

Updated Jan 20 2020 by AwedOne using our MTG Deck Builder. Mono Black Devotion for new Standard. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.【Get Price】

MTG Jeff: PAINFUL DRAWS – Underworld Dreams & Ob Nixilis

The goal of this deck is to get out as many Underworld Dreams as possible and an Ob Nixilis and then have fun watching your opponent lose 2-4 life per draw. That game plan still isn’t fast enough though. We need more ways to drain the opponent down to oblivion. The rest of the Mono-Black Devotion crew helps out with that just fine.【Get Price】

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