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Many engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers have cleaning products or kits that you can buy. You can also use a commercial cleaning product purchased from a local store or online. Just make sure that it specifically says it is for use on engineered hardwood flooring.【Get Price】

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Clean up spills as soon as possible. While engineered hardwood flooring is less susceptible to water damage than Solid hardwood flooring prolonged exposure to liquids can result in damage. Use only a dry to damp mop or cloth for best results when cleaning. Protect your engineered floors from UV damage by pulling drapes or blinds during peak【Get Price】

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When you start cleaning hardwood flooring one of the essential components of doing it right is using the proper tools. Using the wrong equipment will quickly destroy that top wear layer of your floors in just a couple of cleanings. Refer to the list below for the safest ways to clean engineered hardwood floors.【Get Price】

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The best way to give your wood floors some TLC it to leave your shoes at the door vacuum regularly to remove abrasive dirt and dust (with a straight suction vacuum or with the rotating brush【Get Price】

Best Ways to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

This difference in composition means engineered hardwood has different cleaning requirements. To make sure you don’t accidentally damage your floors learn about the best ways to clean engineered hardwood. Manufacturer Recommended Liquid Cleaner. Different styles of engineered hardwood floors require different cleaners. When you’re looking【Get Price】

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The Best Mops for Cleaning Engineered Wood Floors. Instead of a solid wood core engineered hardwood flooring boards have a laminated core much like plywood. On the surface though engineered【Get Price】

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When your floor requires a bit more attention than just regular maintenance the best way to clean your engineered hardwood is with a damp mop and an appropriate floor cleaner. Avoid using cleaning products that include vinegar soap-based cleaners or wax on engineered hardwood flooring. These could erode or damage the veneer surface on the【Get Price】

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HATE IT! So I do everything in my power to find easy ways to get a quick clean with minimal effort! The Swiffer Sweep + Vac and Dyson V6 Absolute are VERY minimal effort and make a huge impact! They had me at ‘cordless’! The BONA spray is super effective and a safe way to clean engineered wood floors (and is great for solid hardwood too)!【Get Price】

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Before you clean your hardwood floors always sweep or dust mop to get rid of dirt or debris. Don't soak your floors with a lot of liquid; instead spray a light mist. You can use a mop but they leave a lot of water on hardwood floors so use a microfiber mop instead.【Get Price】

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Engineered Hardwood Care Tips & Techniques. Keep your engineered flooring swept clean and dry on a daily basis. This will keep mopping to a minimum and prevent abrasive particulates from scratching the surface. Use either a vacuum cleaner with a soft flooring attachment or a broom.【Get Price】

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If you just learn the proper way of cleaning and maintaining your engineered flooring then you can be guaranteed that the floor will last for several years and even for a lifetime. Learning the proper steps on how to clean engineered hardwood floors can also help to maintain the high quality luster of the flooring which makes it to stay【Get Price】