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Silt fence can interfere with construction operations; therefore planning of access routes onto the site is critical. Maximum drainage area shall be 0.25 acre per 100 linear feet of silt fence. Maximum flow to any 20 foot section of silt fence shall be 1 CFS. Maximum distance of flow to silt fence shall be 200 feet or less.【Get Price】

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Increased weight per linear foot for less resistance to movement from wind water and sediment load; Low-cost solution to sheet and rill erosion problems; Replaces silt fence or straw bales on steep slopes; Lasts up to two years; Stores moisture for vegetation planted immediately up-slope【Get Price】

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The 3 ft. x 100 ft. Silt Fence The 3 ft. x 100 ft. Silt Fence is a temporary or construction fence made from plastic. It is designed to help with erosion control. The black fence comes with wood posts for easier installation. The 3 ft. high fence can be used for commercial or residential applications. More + Product Details Close【Get Price】

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If metal stakes are used instead posts should have a minimum weight of 1 to 1.33 lbs./linear foot. These stakes will typically require attachment points such as hog rings in order to fasten the filter fabric. Height of Silt Fence: The height of the silt fence should be between 16" and 34" above the grade.【Get Price】

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Silt fence should be installed along the contour of slopes so that it intercepts sheet flow. The maximum recommended tributary drainage area per 100 lineal feet of silt fence installed along the contour is【Get Price】

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Silt fence installation in Hempstead TX is worth looking into. Many people prefer to hire a professional contractor because they know the work is guaranteed. They don’t want to take a chance by having a family member or friend offer to do the work and not be able to complete it on time. It goes【Get Price】

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Super Silt Fence is used in severe erosion conditions. The fence is used in high water flow areas where a lot of sediment is present. Super silt fence is more durable than standard contractor grade silt fence. 6 Rolls of 3-1/2 ft. x 50 ft. 11.5-Gauge chain link; 1 Roll 50 ft. x 300 ft. fabric; 6 ft. H x 2-1/2 in. Dia galvanized fence posts (31【Get Price】

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Depth of impounded water should not exceed 1.5 feet at any point along the fence. Drainage area Limited to 1/4 acre per 100 ft of fence and no more than 1.5 acres in total; or in combination with a sediment basin on a larger site. Area is further restricted by slope steepness as shown in the following table. Maximum Slope【Get Price】

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The silt curtain shall be anchored to the shoreline to prevent sediment from bypassing the barrier. Steel posts must be installed to secure the barrier in place. Space them 10 feet center to center. When the barrier is higher than eight feet the spacing shall be closer. If unable to drive posts use float devices attached to the silt curtain.【Get Price】

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Construction Site Services (CSS) installed our silt fence and super silt fence erosion controls (over 2000 linear feet) and did a perfect job with very muddy conditions. The County Site Inspector said he took Construction Site Services business card so he could refer others that needed excavation and silt fence.【Get Price】

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Installation costs for silt f ences are approximately $6.00 per linear foot (USEPA 1992). SWRPC estimates unit costs between $2.30 and $4.50 per linear foot (SWRPC 1991).【Get Price】

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Triton Silt Curtain Sizing Options. Silt curtain cost and sizes are commonly quoted per section rather than by the foot. While GEI Works' can price by the foot the silt curtains are typically made in a section length of either 50 or 100 feet. These sections can be joined together to meet the desired length (in your case: 200 ft.). Silt Curtain【Get Price】

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Steel posts should be standard "T" or "U" section and should weigh no less than 1 pound per linear foot. Wire: Wire fence should be at least 14 gage with openings no larger than 6 inches by 6 inches. Geotextile Fabric: The fabric should have the following minimum material properties:【Get Price】

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For the price per foot for Type 1 Turbidity Barrier please contact us and we can provide you with a free quote. Need Type 1 Turbidity Barrier? Call GEI Works at 1-772-646-0597or fill out a quote request form. Request a Free Quote【Get Price】

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Average annual cost for installation using the traditional silt fence installation method (assumes 6 month useful life) is $7 per linear foot based on vendor research. Range of cost is $3.50 - $9.10 per linear foot. In tests the slicing method required 0.33 man hours per 100 linear feet while the trenched【Get Price】