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The cost of building a new deck or porch is $1500. However this price can vary depending on a few different factors. The square footage of the space the type of materials to be used the intricacy of the project and your specific region can cause the price to fluctuate.【Get Price】

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Although many porches are made with common deck or patio materials it is neither. Unlike a deck or patio which may attach to a building a porch is a part of the home’s structure. Deck. Pros: A deck could replace a porch because you can build a deck right up to the front or back door.【Get Price】

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And porch ceilings while often made of wood also have a finished look. In fact just about every aspect of a porch is more finished than its cousin the deck . Related: 10 Inventive Ideas for a【Get Price】

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The wood used to build your home and front porch deck has been hybridized so it grows fast. As such it has a much higher concentration of the lighter-colored spring wood in the annual growth bands.【Get Price】

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Decks and porches should be able to withstand a minimum of 40 pounds per square foot plus the weight of the deck or porch so the structural design and materials used are important considerations. Decks and porches must be properly anchored to a house or building and restrictions apply to use of wood material near lot lines and multiple dwellings.【Get Price】

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A porch is normally defined as a covered addition to the home usually added to the front while a deck is an open outdoor addition typically added to the back of the home. They have several similarities but in this guide we’re going to explore the differences in order to allow you to make a more informed decision of which to add to your home.【Get Price】

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In this episode we will show how to build a simple wood deck with built in LED lights. Thanks to MINI for sponsoring this video. Click on this link to learn【Get Price】