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Eventually the standing water will be warmed up by the roof deck but until this happens the temperature of the membrane may be below the dew point. This creates a risk that condensation could occur within the build-up of the roof.【Get Price】

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Warm roof insulation ensures the entire roof structure is insulated meaning a warm deck roof is more energy efficient than a cold roof. The Breakdown – Warm Roof vs Cold Roof. A cold flat roof insulation requires more work taking off old boards and replacing them and the roof surface. The thermal efficiency isn’t as good as with warm roof【Get Price】

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The recognised flat roof build ups for best design practices are: Cold Roof; Warm Roof; Inverted Roof; In the case of a flat roof insulation is usually either a rigid board above the deck or a mineral glass/wool quilt immediately above the underdrawn ceiling depending on the type of roof design and construction.【Get Price】

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So what is a warm roof? In contrast a warm roof is one designed to keep the entire roof structure warm. This is because the insulation is laid over the top of the roof deck on top of a vapour control layer and underneath the roof covering. This process offers a greater level of thermal insulation for your whole property.【Get Price】

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Warm roof - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. On flat roofs a 'warm roof' is one in which the insulation layer is laid on top of roof structure. This results in the structural deck and its supports being at a temperature closer to that of the building’s interior. This is as opposed to a 'cold roof' in which the insulation is below or within the roof【Get Price】

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I have a roof which is being totally redone from scratch new rafters everything. The top is flat pitched at the sidesl so nothing too complex. Traditionally a warm deck roof design has insulation sitting on top of the roof as per image below.【Get Price】

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Warm roof designs will make the entire structure of the building warm in order to avoid cold bridging – an element of the building that allows heat or energy loss. Pros: The simplicity of a warm flat roof makes it one of the most popular designs providing an effective and easy way of insulating a building【Get Price】

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The key is to keep the roof deck — the principle condensing surface in roof assemblies — sufficiently warm throughout the year. This can be accomplished either because of the local climate or as a result of design principally through the use of rigid insulation installed above the roof deck or air-impermeable spray foam insulation installed【Get Price】

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Free deck plans deck building plans and deck design plans to start building today. Skip to content. Warm Deck Roof Construction. By Bianca Posted on August 21【Get Price】

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The concrete deck can offer greater speed of roof construction which is an important consideration on many larger commercial projects. To insulate a flat roof with a concrete deck we recommend a warm deck construction method where the vapour control layer is sandwiched between the concrete deck and a layer of rigid PIR insulation boards.【Get Price】

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A warm deck also provides added protection from the dangers of condensation as the structure is kept warm at a temperature above dewpoint by the insulation above it. Therefore water vapour which enters the roof structure from the room below will not have a cold surface on which to condense.【Get Price】

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A warm flat roof or a built-up roof (BUR) is one where all the insulation is above the joists/deck making them part of the warm fabric of the building. The insulation is immediately below the waterproofing layer. The vapour control layer is above the decking but below the insulation. The insulation can be adhered mechanically fixed or loose laid.【Get Price】

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May 9 2017 - Explore Bernice Ohene's board "FLAT ROOF CONSTRUCTION" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Flat roof Roof Roof construction.【Get Price】

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Flat roof design guide. In the case of a flat roof insulation is usually in the form of either a rigid board above the deck or a fibrous quilt immediately above the ceiling depending on the type of roof construction. There are three recognised designs of flat roof construction; warm cold and inverted. Warm Roof【Get Price】

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An inverted warm deck roof can also be installed in which the insulation boards are set on top of the structural deck and waterproof membrane. The warm deck method keeps the roof deck and its various components at nearly the same temperature as the building’s interior throughout the year.【Get Price】

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Warm deck roof: The insulation in a warm deck roof is installed immediately below the roof membrane on top of the roof deck usually with a vapour control layer underneath the insulation. Contrasted with the cold deck roof this construction has a much lower risk of condensation as the void will be of a comparable temperature to the roof.【Get Price】