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Weathering is the biggest single and most important cause of discolouration. There are two main mechanisms behind this: Exposure to rain bleeds out the extractives including the natural pigments (quinones). This process lightens the colour of wood. Exposure to UV breaks down the lignin into simple sugars.【Get Price】

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Artificial weathering can significantly reduce the testing time needed for proving coating durability nevertheless its reliability is still not thoroughly proven. In this study eight different transparent and pigmented coating systems namely oil acrylate alkyd and urethane alkyd were evaluated through natural and artificial weathering tests on oak samples by measuring colour gloss and【Get Price】

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This article attempts to answer these and other questions pertaining to accelerated weathering testing. We first need to rewind and start with why we run accelerated weathering regimes. Any exposure test from salt fog to ultraviolet light exposure simulates a limited number of characteristics of a service environment.【Get Price】

Effects of long-term moisture and weather exposure on the

Effects of long-term moisture and weather exposure on the structure and properties of thermally modified wood Chenyang Cai School of Forest Sciences Faculty of Science and Forestry University of Eastern Finland Academic Dissertation To be presented by permission of the Faculty of Science and Forestry for online public ex-【Get Price】

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Without protection however most wood will suffer from exposure to moisture and high humidity resulting in swelling warping or even rotting. Fortunately you can easily avail yourself of【Get Price】

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Roof shingle exposure distances: this article provides a definition of roof shingle exposure and gives the range of acceptable shingle exposure amounts. Too little shingle exposure may at least cause a cosmetic issue while too much shingle exposure risks leaks or shingle blow-off and wind damage.【Get Price】

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It was dry-mixed before processing at 3%w/w of the PP. The wood flour is based on spruce wood with a particle size included in the 200 μm–500 μm range and is obtained from AFT Plasturgie Co. (France). The wood flour was added at 10%w/w and 30%w/w in the PP/MAPP matrix. 2.2. Processes and natural weathering【Get Price】

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Weathering and Exposure Concerns There is unfortunately some misinformation in the plastics world regarding weathering exposure and UV-resistance. In some cases where applications go wrong customers simply did not consider how a certain plastic might handle being exposed to certain environmental factors.【Get Price】

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Plywood — thin laminated sheets of wood pressed together with glue — will separate and warp. (Warped wood is unsightly but structurally sound.) "It's basically rated for exposure during the construction period and that's all" Carlysle says. "If it sits on the site for a month or so before the building gets started then that clock is【Get Price】

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during the last decide has prompted interest in the effect of acids on wood weathering (9). Raczkowski (38) showed that in the summer the decisive factor in wood weathering is the intensity of solar radiation whereas in the winter it is the increased amount of sulfur dioxide in the surrounding air (central Europe exposure).【Get Price】

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devices for the artificial weathering of exterior wood coating systems. Materials and Methods Substrates: Exposure tests were car­ ried out on coated wood panels follow­ ing the specifications of the natural exposure test as described in prEN 927-34. Test panels consisted of planed defect-free pine (Pinus sil­ vestris) sapwood with a growth ring【Get Price】

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Abstract. The deterioration of wood-based panels at eight sites in Japan over 7 years of outdoor exposure was investigated. In particular the modulus of rupture (MOR) retention and internal bond strength (IB) retention after 7 years of exposure were compared among panels and sites.【Get Price】

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Severe Weather 3/4-in Common Southern Yellow Pine Plywood Sheathing Application as 4 x 8 Item # 471096 Model # 34CC Pressure treated Southern yellow pine for exterior above ground use - not intended for ground contact【Get Price】

Effects of UV weathering on surface properties of

Each 12 h weathering cycle consisted of 8 h of UV exposure at 60 °C followed by 4 h condensation at 50 °C. The UV irradiance was 0.89 W/m 2 at 340 nm wavelength. The changes in surface color surface morphology surface gloss contact angle and flexural properties of the tested samples were evaluated after durations of 0 240 480 720 and【Get Price】

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Resin-treated compressed wood has been made up from the dry treated plies under pressures of 250 to 1200 pounds per square inch at temperatures of 300 to 320 F. using pressing periods of 15 to 30 minutes per inch of【Get Price】

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In commercial WPC products high wood flour (WF) content (40-60 wt%) is added to reduce cost [5]. However adding large amounts of WF results in poor long-term durability when WPCs are exposed to【Get Price】

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Weathering of windowsills due to the sun and exposure to wind and precipitation results in an unsightly situation that can also be hazardous if the windowsill's paint chips or if pieces of wood【Get Price】


(b) Maximum recommended weather exposure for 3-ply roof construction. (c) Maximum recommended weather exposure for 2-ply roof construction. (d) All coverage based on an average 1/2" spacing between shakes. (e) Maximum recommended weather exposure. *100 sq. ft. coverage is based on 12/12 pack 5 bundle square at 7 1/2" exposure.【Get Price】

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Weathering period and exposure conditions can affect the degradation rate of wood surfaces. Longer weathering exposure periods are more reliable for end-use performance evaluations and therefore【Get Price】

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There is a vital difference between Plywood and OSB panels and sheathing that are classified as ‘Exterior’ and ‘Exposure 1’. Utilizing the wrong panels or sheathing could compromise the structure which is exposed to weather. The classifications are based on material composition as well as the durability of the adhesives utilized in the manufacturing process.【Get Price】

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Different types of wood display different reactions to water exposure. Wood will shrink and cracks will develop during dry seasons due to a loss of moisture and expand during hot and humid summer-type conditions. A heavier denser wood will do better with water than a light wood.【Get Price】