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Then use an electric drum sander to sand the floors several times so they're ready for the stain and wax. Next apply a floor sealant and stain to the floors using a brush or roller. Once the stain is dry buff the floors with hardwood wax several times which will help them last longer.【Get Price】

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Varnish: Varnish comes in a variety of lusters from matte to glossy. The higher the gloss the more durable the surface. Varnish often darkens with age. On the up side you can make spot-repairs to varnish. Penetrating sealer: This offers a natural-looking finish that brings out the wood’s grain; however it may darken over time. Penetrating【Get Price】

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Next wipe off the excess stain with a rag or with a clean white pad on the buffer (for oil-based stains only). Many contractors have one person applying stain as another follows behind wiping off the excess stain. Despite what many contractors think leaving the stain on for an extended period of time will not make the floor darker. Step 6:【Get Price】

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Applying two coats of stain to your hardwood floors will result in darker tones; however this may be necessary to obtain the stain tones you wish for. When staining hardwood floors you must be careful how you apply the stain. Too much stain can result in darker tones too little stain can result in tones that are lighter.【Get Price】

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Apply gel stains to vertical surfaces like window trim and furniture to eliminate drips. Gel stains also minimize blotching. Sealer. Fills in wood grain after staining for a smooth finish. Topcoat/Finish. Varnishes protect with a thin coating. Oil-based varnishes generally add a slight amber tone to your final finish while water-based【Get Price】

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Step 4: Smooth Paint: Lightly go over the floor with 220-grit sandpaper to smooth out the grain and give a sleek surface then clean the floor to remove all the dust. Step 5: Apply Second Coat: Apply a second thin coat in the same manner. Paint your way towards the door then get yourself out of those fumes! Some paints may require up to three【Get Price】

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How to Apply Polyurethane to Hardwood Floors. When you’ve decided to apply Polyurethane to your hardwood floors it’s important to do it correctly to get the best results. There’s a bunch of different tools that are needed for the project that we will talk about and we’ll walk you through the different steps of the process.【Get Price】

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Getting a smooth blemish-free finish with oil-based polyurethane is within your grasp if you follow the steps in this article. Oil-based polyurethane varnish brings out the wood's natural beauty or wood grain. Our 4-step approach shows you how to apply the varnish successfully.【Get Price】

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In this video tutorial we show you how to apply a water-based finish to a hardwood floor. Click here to view our selection of water-based hardwood floor fin...【Get Price】

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This type of finish is most often used for hardwood floors in commercial premises because of its durability. A water-based urethane finish is a good choice if you want to apply a fast-drying finish that can easily be recoated and will maintain a good clear color.【Get Price】

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There are 2 ways to do this one way is with a colored finish such as browned lacquer a floor paint or white oil for example. In this case the color stays in the finish on top of the wood. The other way is to use a stain or wood dye which is a liquid (usually water or solvent based) that contains a pigment which soaks into the wood.【Get Price】

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Man opens a can of stain to do a test on the hardwood floor surface. Test the Stain Test the stain in an inconspicuous area of the floor or on a sample piece of wood before applying it to the entire floor.【Get Price】

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Whether you use a solvent-based or water based stain the best way to apply it to a wood floor is to use a rag. Wipe it on using a swirling motion and wipe of the residue with a second rag going with the wood grain to avoid swirl marks that will show up under any clear finish you apply.【Get Price】

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Apply the first coat of thinned varnish and let it dry. Use a flat paintbrush or foam applicator to apply the varnish to the wood. Use long even strokes and work along the wood grain. Let this first coat dry for 24 hours. If you are using a spray on varnish hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from the surface and spray on a light even coat.【Get Price】

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To avoid this apply a base coat before applying your water-based poly. Smooth the base coat out evenly around the edges with a paint brush. (Don’t brush too fast or you may create bubbles which will show in the finish.) Smooth out the rest of the floor with a synthetic floor finish applicator and give your base coat about 2 hours to dry.【Get Price】

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Apply varnish to seal the wood; you can do this using a floor pad. Varnish floor pads come in a plastic container with the varnish. Dip the pad into the container to load it and start at the【Get Price】

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Work from the far corner of your room toward the door so you don't step on the fresh stain. Apply stain in the same direction as the grain in 3- to 4-foot sections at a time. Don't allow stain to pool on the floor. Wipe away excess stain from the floor before moving to the next area. Try to avoid letting the edges dry.【Get Price】

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Photo 12: How to Apply Polyurethane to Wood Floors: Use an applicator pad Apply polyurethane using an applicator pad attached to a long handle. When spreading the finish you can dip the applicator into a paint tray filled with polyurethane but a cardboard box lined with a plastic bag is less likely to tip over.【Get Price】

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4. Next use a synthetic floor-finish applicator to spread the basecoat sealer across the middle of the floor; allow the sealer to dry two hours. 5. Use a clean paintbrush and floor-finish applicator to apply a topcoat of water-based polyurethane to the floor. 6. Allow the polyurethane to dry at least two hours then apply a second coat. 7.【Get Price】

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How To Paint Your Hardwood Floors:. 1.) Sand your wood floor (??) AKA to sand or not to sand that is the question. Sanding your floor first is an important part of the DIY equation if you really want to MAXIMIZE the durability of your floor paint job.【Get Price】

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How to Apply an Oil Finish to a Wood Floor. Oil finishes provide a low-sheen warm and natural look for wood floors. Additionally volatile organic compounds—those chemicals that do not release【Get Price】

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Step 5 – Apply the Varnish. Use your brush to apply the new oil-based varnish to the floor. Apply in sections which are no larger than 4 to 5 square feet. When making the strokes try to follow the wood grain. This will ensure that the varnish looks natural. Step 6 – Add a Second Coat. Allow the new varnish to set for 24 to 36 hours. The【Get Price】

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Make sure you apply the product in small areas of 4-5 square feet at a time. Don’t walk on the floor for at least a day after you’ve finished the job. Useful videos about varnishing wooden floors. Sometimes a video is the best way to get to grips with exactly what to do. Here are several excellent videos about varnishing wood floors:【Get Price】