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What is a neighbor-friendly fence? A neighbor-friendly fence sometimes called a good neighbor fence describes a fence style that looks the same on both sides. While traditional fences have a “good side” and a back side a good neighbor fence provides both neighbors with an equal view. The most common neighbor-friendly fence design is a【Get Price】

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Sometimes a neighbor may build an ugly fence out of spite for a neighbor. Many states have laws that regulate "spite fences." Most of these laws create the presumption that a fence is a nuisance to a neighbor when it is useless when it is constructed to annoy a neighbor and when it exceeds spite fence height limitations.【Get Price】

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Some conflict about fences is for aesthetic reasons. The fence is ugly too high too wide covers too much of an area and similar matters. If the boundary blocks off certain landmarks streams patches where cattle or other animals used to hunt or gather food the neighbor may become disagreeable.【Get Price】

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Once you know where your exact property boundaries are try taking a friendly approach with your neighbor. You might want to ask them (politely) if they were aware that the fence was on your property and if they would be willing to either remove it or re-locate it within the boundaries of their property.【Get Price】

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Fences and Property Lines: What You Should Know. As a rule a fence that is built on the boundary line belongs to both property owners if they both use it meaning that they share ownership rights and any costs associated with the fence. If your neighbor wants a fence and you do not they can build a fence on their land or even on the property【Get Price】

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Missouri has two fence laws: the general fence law (updated Aug. 28 2001) and the local option fence law. In addition Missouri law addresses special situations of property bordering a road a railroad or a body of water. Landowners need to be aware of these special situations and of which fence law is in place in counties where they own land. This guide answers common questions about these【Get Price】

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Boundaries are necessary for any healthy relationship be it family friends or neighbors. Setting limits provides personal space and a sense of safety and offers the opportunity for mutual respect. This is also true when it comes to property. As the saying goes "Good fences make good neighbors." But what do【Get Price】

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There are many reasons homeowners might decide to install a friendly fence or better yet a neighbor friendly fence around their property. You might want to add security and deter intruders or you may want to enclose the area to keep small children and pets from escaping.【Get Price】

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The only exception to costs is if a neighbor does not use the fence. In practice it is difficult to see how a neighbor would not use a boundary fence. If the fence is your idea then you will need to approach the neighbors to ask them to share in the costs. The best way to do this is to: Make Initial Contact; Have A Meeting【Get Price】 Neighbor Law: Fences Trees Boundaries & Noise

Now in a newly updated and expanded ninth edition "Neighbor Law: Fences Trees Boundaries & Noise" by attorneys Emily Doskow and Lina Guillen will help the non-specialist general reader to avoid neighborly nuisances from turning into a hostile and expensive lawsuits. More than just an ordinary legal guide "Neighbor Law" is a practical【Get Price】

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Explore designs for a good-neighbor fence. A good-neighbor fence looks appealing from either side -- hence the name. Approach your neighbor to have a friendly discussion regarding the idea of a fence.【Get Price】

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Fences between neighbors can spark debate and anger but they can also create solid and beautiful barriers between two lovely yards. So if you’re looking for a new vinyl or aluminum fence to protect your property be sure to check out MMC Fencing & Railing .【Get Price】

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Neighbor Dispute #1: Boundary and Fence Issues With Neighbors. One of the most common neighbor disputes is perhaps property boundary issues. After all fences exist not only for privacy but also for the purpose of keeping others (mostly neighbors) out. Property boundary disputes can exist in two different forms; trespassing and encroachment.【Get Price】

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Just choosing a neighbor-friendly fence design isn't always enough to keep everyone happy. Talk with your neighbor before you make any decisions so everyone is on the same page. Discuss your plans and make sure there aren't any disagreements on the property line location or the proposed fence location.【Get Price】

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Fences on Boundary Lines. Unless property owners agree otherwise fences on a boundary line belong to both owners. Good neighbors should agree to split the cost of the repair of fences or common boundary walls. Both owners are responsible for keeping the fence in good repair and neither may remove it without the other's permission.【Get Price】

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The rub of course was that our fence straddled property boundary lines meaning that erecting a new fence would require the consultation and agreement of my two affected neighbors. At the time I had no way of knowing whether each of my neighbors might have their own conflicting ideas with respect to the type of fence how much to spend and【Get Price】

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And for those of you who would rather read a layman’s description of the good neighbor fence law here goes… CA’s Good Neighbor Fence Law. In CA two people whose properties border each other are both required to maintain an existing fence between the properties with only a few exceptions. In short each owner has to pay one-half of the【Get Price】

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Natural fences constructed of shrubbery trees or flowering bushes are attractive and environmentally friendly havens for songbirds butterflies and other desirable fauna. These living fences【Get Price】

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Fence etiquette also known as being a good neighbor will go a long way towards creating or maintaining a friendly relationship with those who live next door. Planning your new fence in a neighborly manner requires several steps before you begin to dig.【Get Price】

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A boundary fence is a fence that is located on or near a property line though the exact definition can vary by state. Sometimes even a hedge can act as a boundary. To learn more about boundary fences including how they are defined when a neighbor is allowed to build a boundary fence and who is responsible for repairs and maintenance see【Get Price】

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Texas does not have a specific state law that addresses boundary line fences. Cities or property owner associations will often try to regulate things such as fence height but for disputes involving ownership or maintenance those will often need to be settled in court if the neighbors cannot come to an agreement on their own.【Get Price】

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In most circumstances friendly neighbors should be able to work out fence problems without the involvement of any lawyers or courts. In rare circumstances where there is something unique about your property your neighbor won't agree to split the cost evenly or you just don't get along with your neighbor it may be in your interest to talk【Get Price】

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There is a short street-facing 6′-high fence between my neighbour’s bungalow and mine. In the middle of this twelve-foot wide fence is my solid upright fence post which also supports the end of the 6′ high boundary fence that extends back to separate our dwellings and their rear gardens.【Get Price】

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A boundary line fence is a fence that is located on the property line between two properties and is used by both property owners. Texas does not have a specific statute or law dealing with boundary line fences. The principals stated below are generally applied to determine the rights and obligations of neighbors regarding boundary line fences【Get Price】

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The ultimate in decorative design privacy fencing our custom neighbor friendly fence provides screening that is equally attractive from either side. Also known as a “good neighbor” fence the distinctive look of neighbor friendly alternating board construction and decorative posts creates privacy screening of unequaled beauty and durability.【Get Price】

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Fence surrounds the yard but homeowner says boundary has gone beyond fence for decades. Neighbors on driveway side say "Not anymore." (KOMO)【Get Price】