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brick and batten is a unique online exterior design service for your home. Providing a realistic virtual design enabling you to see your homes potential. Our service...【Get Price】

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Exterior crown molding and a pediment used over a front door create a Always choose trim that complements the architectural look and style of your house.【Get Price】

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Apr 16 2012 You know what the peak of a roof is – it's the very top. When the roof peak is a level horizontal line it's also called a ridge.【Get Price】

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What is the outside walls of a house called? The walls outside are exterior. The building envelope is what defines the exterior structure of your home.【Get Price】

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To understand their roles let's first compare trim vs. fascia. Trim is the material used to encase windows and doors among other features on a home's exterior.【Get Price】

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ASHI Home Inspection Terms and Definitions Authoritative Expert Building at the top of a building exterior wall is a cornice molding or cornice trim board; some as common on clapboard-sided homes is often called a water table trim board.【Get Price】

What are these beams on the outside of a house called that

We had those on our house. We cut them flush with the roof so the beam doesn't stick out. Btw the sun and rain can dry and rot the wood tips quickly. No problem...【Get Price】

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19 Apr 2020 What is the outside wall of a house called? Soffit or lookout or house eaves. The soffit is the enclosed portion of the roof that overhangs the house...【Get Price】

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Your house is made up of walls windows floors doors... and a bunch of other Today any cozy sitting area near a fireplace may be called an inglenook. area of the house and offers a somewhat whimsical perspective on the outside world.【Get Price】

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On a fireplace that is lo ed at the outside of the house the cleanout door will be lo ed Jack/king stud—The framing stud sometimes called the trimmer that...【Get Price】

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Jan 11 2014 Floor plan house- Place to live – Housing – Photo Dictionary · 1. attic · 2. second floor · 3. staircase · 4. bannister.【Get Price】

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Luckily most people know that if the outside of the house has loads of cracks in it give us a call and leave some basic details of what's wrong with your house...【Get Price】

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Feb 24 2021 Board siding also comes in a plywood version often called T1-11 which is simply exterior plywood with various face treatments and groove...【Get Price】

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deck. noun. mainly American a wooden floor that is built onto the outside of the back of a house. The usual British word is decking.【Get Price】

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You may also see a similar type of vent called a hip vent which runs along the hip of the roof. Gutter System. Gutter – These ch the water dripping from the roof...【Get Price】


View of a house on its site with the components of its exterior structure. exterior of a house.【Get Price】

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Exterior walls can be finished with a wide array of materials and techniques. Exterior wall finishes can produce significant savings for the contractor and building...【Get Price】

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7 Feb 2020 With so many types of house styles narrowing the list down to your Using the original style of your house as a starting point for an exterior makeover is usually the The name of this style suggests a close connection to the...【Get Price】

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6 Dec 2019 Siding is the term for the exterior walls of the home. The most common types are vinyl aluminum and brick. Vents. Vents are lo ed in different...【Get Price】

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Apr 15 2013 - The domain name make-my-own-house.com is for sale. Make an offer on it.【Get Price】

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These 50 exterior house siding ideas will help you see just what's possible in creating a lasting durable and beautiful look for your home.【Get Price】

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Stucco homes have many pros and cons. Find out when it's best to choose a home with this distinctive exterior and how to maintain it. Not all stucco contractors offer the one-coat process so you may have to call around to lo e one in your...【Get Price】

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23 Oct 2014 Covered porches are a natural fit for cottages and Craftsman homes — if you have the room and the means consider adding a larger porch that...【Get Price】

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A porch is a room or gallery lo ed in front of an entrance of a building. A porch is placed in The word "porch" is almost exclusively used for a structure that is outside the main walls of a building or house. A screened porch also called a screened-in-porch is a porch that was built or altered to be enclosed with screens...【Get Price】

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3 Jan 2019 If the area is uncovered open to the elements it's a courtyard. Courtyard. An unroofed area that is completely or partially enclosed by walls or...【Get Price】

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21 May 2019 Known as: Workingman's house Known as: Streetcar town house Most rowhouse maintenance problems start on the outside so being...【Get Price】

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A soffit is an exterior or interior architectural feature generally the horizontal aloft underside of Soffits and fascias are archetypally screwed or nailed to rafters known as lookout rafters or lookouts for short Soffit exposure profile from wall to fascia on a building's exterior can vary from a few centimetres 2–3 inches to 3...【Get Price】

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The exterior of your home can make a big difference to its value when it comes time to sell. It can even affect how neighbouring homes are perceived.【Get Price】

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A vestibule /ˈvɛstɪbjuːl/ also known as an arctic entry is an anteroom antechamber or In ancient Greek houses the prothyrum was the space just outside the door of a house which often had an altar to Apollo or a statue or a laurel tree.【Get Price】