Vellore Golden Temple
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The forehead is on 100 acres of area and has
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The holy temple opens day at 4.00 AM
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Sri Narayani Peedam

At the institution of the Sri Narayani Peedam, Sri Sakthi Amma stayed there located at the foot hills of the mountain called as Kailasha Giri.  This institution is situated in the village Thirumalaikodi nearby the Vellore in South India.  Around this institution, there is beauty of lush scenery and mountains. This Thirumalaikodi is situated at the distance of 150 km form the city of Chennai and also a far distant from the Thirupathi village and Thiruvanamalai village.  These three towns made a great triangle link.  A strong self punishment was given to themselves by the sages and saints to the universal mother in the village of Thirumalaikodi in the past centuries. To get the earth protected from the Dark Age, they made a pray to the universal mother to come down on earth. The mother received the unselfish prayer of sages and these sages pray to mother to embodied them in the form of human on earth.

Location of Sri Narayani Peedam

At about the distance of 8 km in the village of Malaikodi, this Sri Narayani Peedam is situated just outer area of the Vellore.  It is about 145 km far from the Chennai in the south area of the Tamil Nadu.  Various beautiful scenes and mountains surrounded this temple. In the months of February to July, the temperature is very hot with warm climate that ranges from 35-45 degrees of temperature. The monsoon season starts from July to October and temperature is regulated between 28-35 degrees. The winter season starts from October to January having temperature of about 22-28 degrees.

How to Get to Sri Narayani Peedam

From Outside India:

The address of both the Sripuram and Sri Narayani Peedam similar to each other and they are situated very close to one another.
Sri Narayani Peedam
Vellore - 632-055
Tamil Nadu

The travel arrangements for Peedam are made through the mail to the address mentioned above.  The arrangement of flight is made by your own.  The administration of the Sri Narayani Peedam should be contacted for further information.  The time taken is about 3 hours to reach the Peedam.
There is arrangement of night stays for the tourist with their own expense who are not able to travel in the night at the hotel Radisson in the Chennai city. Hotel will made all the arrangements of pick and drop facility to the Peedam.  In the currency of India, about 2000 Rs. Will cost on the road transportation.

From Within India:

By train: The nearest station for the Peedam is the Katpadi station. One can visit the Peedam through the service of car or bus via the route of Vellore towards the Usoor direction.

By car:  By car one can drive to the Vellore town at Tamil Nadu state.  About 0.2 km towards north, left turn at about 85 km is Thennamara, go straight at about 0.4 km is Thennamara St, left turn SH 9 at about 46 m, go to Officer’s Line at about 7.3 km and then reach to the Sri Puram Goden Temple and the temple of Sri Narayani Peedam in the district of Vellore.  For the site map, click on

Dress Code

Salwar suits and sarees for the women, Kurta, pyjamas, and dhoti for the men, and any dress for children. These are dress codes for the visitors.