Vellore Golden Temple
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The forehead is on 100 acres of area and has
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The holy temple opens day at 4.00 AM
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Not just the name, whole temple is covered completely in gold with around 9 to 15 layers of gold foil. Temple is exquisitely decorated with beautiful sculptures made by man, pillars and roof are decorated with elaborate carvings and designs. The Lakshmi Narayani or Mahalakshmi temple is the most significant feature of the golden temple. To construct a true Golden temple for goddess Lakshmi, both the interior and exterior of the temple, “Vimanam” and “ardhamandapam” are made of pure gold, costing an expense of around INR 600 crores.

Constructed by Sri Narayani Peedam, the Sripuram Golden Temple is located on 100 acres land. All the carvings and sculptures of temple are covered with pure gold. The estimated gold used to build the Sripuram gold is more than 1500 kgs and the construction of the temple was finished in 2007 on August 24. The efforts of human technology adds to the already existing beauty of the temple, the lights installed in the temple are in such a way that the temple shines just like the way it does during the day.

Beauty of the temple is created by the hands of experienced artisans, making the Sripuram Lakshmi Narayani temple world’s largest golden temple. The talented workers adorned the temple with exclusive sculptures and possess a strong significance to vedas. Every task was done manually right from carving to converting solid gold into foils and to mounting the foils on to the copper plates to cover the temple.

Design of the temple resembles a star shaped path with 12 vertices and a beautiful landscape of 1.8km long right in the middle. Pilgrims would walk the star path to reach the temple which has messages by Sakhti Amma, head of the temple, on different faiths and spiritual leaders. It is assumed that the temple absorbs all the positivity and energy of the nature and can be experienced by all the pilgrims. The messages of truth and morals enables the visitors realize the values of life and help them transform themselves into powerful humans.

Temple is open to all visitors between 8am to 8pm every day with no entry fee to regular or general visitors. However, those who do not have the time for temple darshan via the regular queue can get a special darshan with a little fee. And every day, one devotee is allowed the Divya Darshan of Lakshmi Narayani.