Vellore Golden Temple
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The forehead is on 100 acres of area and has
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International airports of Bangalore

The holy temple opens day at 4.00 AM
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The forehead is on 100 acres of area and has been designed by Vellore-based Sri Narayani Peedam, advancing by religious head Sri Sakthi Amma also known as Narayani Amma. The forehead with gold protecting has complex designs and art forms in silver. The illumination is organized in such a way that the forehead papers even during evening. The development of the forehead was finished on Aug 24, 2007. More than 1500 kg of gold was used to build this forehead. The LED illumination on the variety of the ceiling of the celebrity direction is lit up in the evening so that anyone can observe a celebrity on the world.

Sripuram-Sri Lakshmi Narayani Fantastic Temple is the biggest Fantastic forehead in the world, with over 1.5 lots of gold used. All the gold work was done by craftsmen focusing on forehead art using silver. Every individual details was personally created, such as transforming the gold sections into gold foils and then increasing on the gold foils on birdwatcher. Gold aluminum foil from 9 levels to 15 levels has been installed on the personalized birdwatcher clothing. Every individual details in the forehead art has importance from the vedas. Sripuram design symbolizes a star-shaped path(Sri chakra), in the center of the lushgreen surroundings, with a duration of over 1.8 km. One has simply to move along the celebrity direction to arrive at the forehead in the center, which is set by information from Sri Sakthi Amma and from different beliefs and religious commanders.