Vellore Golden Temple
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The forehead is on 100 acres of area and has
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International airports of Bangalore

The holy temple opens day at 4.00 AM
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Helpdesk & PRO

The devotees can talk to the PROs for information regarding the temple, darshans and for participating in the large number of the social welfare activities. Between 8 AM to 9 PM, the PROs are easily available for the devotees at PRO office.

Guest House

Fully furnished and well-equiped guest houses are constructed by Sri Narayani Peedam having 52 air-conditioned rooms along with attached washrooms in 1 block and full-fledged kitchen having clean dining hall for catering the needs of the guests, including spiritual leaders and dignitaries.

The 2nd set of the guest houses are well-equipped with hundred rooms, in 5 blocks having 24 rooms each, in the Sripuram vicinity for the devotees’ access. All the rooms have air-conditioners and are fully furnished with an option of non air-conditioned rooms as well that can accommodate 4 persons atleast in each room.

All those who wish to stay in these guest houses, need to make reservation in advance over phone or by an e-mail through PRO office.

Prasadam Counter

The prasadam counter is located near the exit of the gate, where devotees could buy prasadam for the friends and family at reasonable price.

Souvenir Shop

The souvenir shops are located conveniently at Peedam wher devotees could buy mnay memorabilia. The Peedam also houses stalls where they can find handicrafts made by destitute women.

Medical Aid

The facility of first aid is available at Peedam in case of any emergency. The premise of the temple is disable-friendly for physically disabled people, senior citizens and for the  convenience of those having difficult conditions of health. Wheelchairs are also available with the escort at the entrance to facilitate their darshan.

Cloak Room

For the devotees’ conveniences who are visiting Sripuram, a secured cloak room has been provided at the entrance. The devotees can keep and deposit their belongings like food items, bags, mobile phones, etc. and can collect them later after coming back from the temple.

Tariff: Footwear (per pair) at Rs. 1.00 Baggage (per bag) at Rs. 3.00 Cell phone (per phone) at Rs. 3.00.


There is a dormitory been constructed having all the amenities in order to provide a comfortable stay to the devotees and perform sevas there and get divine blessings of Sri Sakthi Amma.

  • Dormitory: Free dormitory having toilet facilities (donation is Rs. 25 for bedding). Paid dormitory is also there with bedding and toilet facilities.
  • Donation: Per head 50 Rs. Spacious halls are also available for groups at Rs.1500.

Dining Hall

The Annapoorani Mandapam is all equipped with the cooking facilities for preparing nutritious and tasty food. Each day, about 6000 devotees visit the temple and are served hot food in between 12 noon – 3 pm. The devotees can sit on chairs comfortably and eat the tasty meal that is served on the fresh banana leaves on the neatly laid multiple rows of tables. Seva can be also performed here on regular basis and to contribute towards the Annadhaanam.

Ticketing Counter

The ticketing counter is located conveniently at the Peedam entrance where the devotees can purchase tickets for Prasadam, Sevas, etc. The counter is equipped with enough manpower for handling the swelling crowd of the devotees during special programs and festivals.

Queue Complex

The queue complex is designed for accommodating the swarming crowd with sufficient light and ventilation. The complex is very spacious and has stalls having a provision for biscuits, milk, drinking water, etc. for the devotees.


There is an ample of parking space at Sripuram that can accommodate about 500cars, 100 buses and 1500 two wheelers. There are 3 parking bays been created for the easy access towards temple and towards the guest house.

Donation (tariff): Two wheeler: Rs.3, Car: Rs.20, Van: Rs.30, Bus: Rs.50, premium parking facility is available for mini vans/cars at Rs.50.


The management having the diving blessings of Sri Sakthi Amma, has made temple premises disable-friendly for physically disabled people’s convenience along with the convenience of those suffering with poor health conditions and also for senior citizens.

The wheelchairs are available at entrance along with the escort for facilitating darshan with ease.
Tariff (donation): wheelchair: 50Rs. per person.

Drinking Water

There is a tradition and culture to provide fresh drinking water to the guests in order to quench the thirst. The devotees of Amma come from various parts of the country and it is the vital responsibility of the people to provide them with pure drinking water.

Adequate amount of water facilities are arranged for the devotees in the temple area at strategic locations.

Seating Arrangements

Sripuram has facilitated very spacious waiting areas in order to cater large number of devotees with adequate ventilation and comfortable seating in the queue complex. It is equipped with boards having messages of Sri Amma and television sets that make all the devotees feel Amma’s presence around them, even at the time of waiting. Restrooms and adequate drinking water are available there for the devotees.

Food & Beverage

Sri Narayani Bhavan is a multi-cuisine restaurant located near the premises of Sripuram. It serves vegetarian food to the devotees who come to visit the temple. There are several stall also serving fresh juices and fresh milk at the Peedam for devotees.

Rest Rooms

The entire temple campus has been arranged in a way to ensure full public convenience. Well-maintained and clean restrooms are available in the queue complex at the entrance around Starpath for their convenience.