Vellore Golden Temple
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The forehead is on 100 acres of area and has
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The holy temple opens day at 4.00 AM
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Attractions in Vellore

About the place

At a distance of 145 kms away from the State capital Chennai lies the capital town of Vellore that has a water body lying all around it.  The prominent structure is the Vellore Fort that can be traced back to the 16th century. This had been the capital city of many influential dynasties including the Pallava, Chola, Nayak, Maratha, Arcot Nawabs and Bijapur Sultans

Vellore is a famous town in Tamil Nadu because of the state of the art medical colleges like the CMC, Christian Medical College and the VIT, Vellore Institute of Technology.  People from all over the country come over to Vellore for these facilities. The CMC was inaugurated in 1900 by Dr. Ida Scudder, the American doctor and ever since has been serving the society through its many researches and advanced treatment of tropical diseases. The town is also quite famous for the stunning architecture that is seen in the many forts and temples.

Muthu Mandapam

This stands for “Pearl Palace” in Tamil.  Though originally a tomb of Vikramraja Singh who was the last Tamil Ruler in Kandy, there are now big modification plans to convert this into a tourist spot with the addition of a play park for children and an aquarium to start with. This is seen on the Palar river bank, in the northern side of the town of Vellore.

Government Museum

The Vellore Government Museum is one of its kinds with specimens from all fields, including the science of botany and anthropology, history, art and technology and even geology and this stands right in the heart of the city close to the Lakshmanaswamy Town Hall. The museum functions on all government working days from 9 am to 12 noon and again from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Amirthi Zoological Park

This zoological park is seen close to the scenic tourist spot, Javadu Hills, at a distance of 25 km from Vellore. This was inaugurated in Oct 1967 and in its 25 hectares there are varied types of birds, animals and even waterfalls. There is a good play area for the children and this area is full of medicinal herbs and rare kind of trees including the sandalwood tree. For the use of the guests arriving, the government has built two rest houses and one of these dormitories can accommodate 5 guests. Since the park is crowded only during holidays, the other times this is a good area for meditation and yoga. Only now there are efforts being taken to popularize this spot, so we can expect this to start seeing more tourists soon.

Javadu Hills

Javadu Hills with altitudes varying from 300 to 1000 ms bears its name from the fragrant Sandalwood trees and other fruit trees that grow in abundance here. The prominent village here is Jamanamarathur which is about 40 Km from Polur.

Jalagampaari Falls

The Jalagampaari Falls is a complete tourist spot complete with a waterfall close to 17kms from Tirupattur in Vellore and a temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. The God is seen in the form of the Vel (which can be categorized a spear). Tourists come to visit the temple and the waterfall all-round the year.

Elagiri Hills

Much less known and far from the maddening crowds lay the Elagiri Hills in the Eastern Ghats at a decent 1000 m height and is ideal for weekend getaways and short trekking trips. The healthy and unpolluted air, the lush greenery and a little spirituality in the old Murugan temple attracts a lot of tourists to this spot.


This is a very old temple that is visited by many childless couples who believe that a bath in the sacred Simmakulam and a visit to the main deity Siva will bless them with a baby soon. It is said that the woman dreams of her kid when she sleeps at the temple after the bath. The last Sunday in the Tamil month of Karthigai is a sacred day here.


The temple of Thiruvannamalai dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the five main temples denoting Shiva in the panchabootha form and this temple stands for the representation of God in the form of Fire or Agni.  The temple is vast and big and is an architectural marvel for many historians and archaeologists. The architecture in the temple is marvelous and there are tourists from abroad who come over to see the beauty of the temple. The full moon day in the Tamil month of Karthigai is celebrated as Karthigai Deepam here.