Vellore Golden Temple
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The forehead is on 100 acres of area and has
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International airports of Bangalore

The holy temple opens day at 4.00 AM
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On the 24th of August, with tones of gold that is marked pure, a temple of Mahalakshmi also known as Sripuram was inaugurated with the twinkle under the rays of sun and this temple is blessed with the godman who is 31 years of old named Sri Narayani Peetam also popularly known as Narayani Amma. This temple is considered to be the world’s seven wonders according to the devotees as this temple os completely constructed with the pure gold. This temple was crafted with about gold and copper by the coppersmiths worth Rs. 600 crore for about 6 years arriving from Thirupath Thirumala Devasthanam and this spread over about area of 55000 sq ft in Malaikodi on the 100 acres land 6 km away from the Tamil Nadu in north region. These gold were purchased in a transparent manner through the RBI as said by the officials. Firstly only the copper base was placed on the base of the temple by the coppersmiths just before the gold base with the 9 foil layers and draped them first with etching. This temple had a Mahalakshmi diety that is made of granite stone hold by the sanctorum chamber and this deity is fully covered with the kavacham of gold. According to the P Murali who is the Peetam trustee, the spiritual park is the world of manking that represent the dedication of Amma towards the world and this temple has lot more gold compared to the Amritsar’s Golden Temple. The path of the temple had messages laid down of Geeta, Quran, Bible along with the messages of Amma.  As said in the book of the Peetam, everybody enters the temple by the attraction of magnificent look of the temple, but soon they are forced to gain the wisdom through the messages laid down on the path of the temple.  The main aim of the Sripuram is to find the divinity among the humans in this place of materialism. Murali is also in favor of putting the security around the temple.  According to the official of the district Vellore, "the gold cost more than the purchase that are laid off in the form of sheet in the temple.